Required Equipment

  • Speed skates (owned, or rented from club)
  • Neck guard (bib style)
  • Knee pads (volleyball)
  • Shin guards (soccer)
  • Hard shelled helmet (at practice – helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified or CSA approved (hockey, snowboard/ski skateboarding helmets only).For all other competitions and activities, helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified.
  • Cut resistent gloves (cut proof kevlar or leather)

***For sanctioned OSSA meets you must wear an approved Speed Skating helmet (eg. LAS or Louis Garneau)
***For sanctioned OSSA meets you must wear safety glasses (shatter-resistant, secured with elastic strap)
***For sanctioned OSSA meets you must have a numbered helmet cover (these can be purchased from the club for $15, and belong to you for your skating career)

Other Equipment: skin suit, skate guards (available for sale from club), drying towel

For detailed safety requirements from Speed Skate Canada, please refer to the following link: Safety equipement required by Speed Skate Canada

For an order form of safety equipement, please complete the following, and hand it into Mike Murray:  GHSSC_HSSC Equip Order Form Nov 2012