Upcoming Reminders

Tuesday January 23 – Parent Meeting
We are hoping to have a Parent Meeting during and Tuesday afternoon’s practice.

First , we need HELP from parents (2nd season and older skaters) organizing a membership drive to recruit club membership. We need marketing ideas and a team to execute a plan that will attract members and grow our clubs. Think about what skills, what connections, what strategies you have that would help us grow our membership.

This being an Olympic year is an excellent time to generate interest in our clubs , but we need help.

Our Board members and coaching staff are willing to help with the plan, but we need YOUR help generating and organizing and executing this plan.

Please plan on attending this meeting on Sunday shortly after the first hour skaters get onto the ice. We will meet in the lobby area directly outside the arena doors.

Speed Skating Meet – Family Day Feb. 19th 2018 Mainway Arena

Second, our Club (Hamilton-Golden Horseshoe) hosts its annual, regional skating competition on Family Day (Monday February 19th) in Burlington at Mainway Arena. The success of this meet is dependent on the contribution of our members in volunteer roles. Mike will be assigning parents to specific roles. Other than our first year parents / skaters, each of our members is asked to contribute in a volunteer role to support the success of this meet. More details to follow.

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December Reminders

The Christmas Cheer Wine Raffle

As one of our only fundraisers, we are asking families donate one bottle per skater.

If you have not made your donation yet, please bring your donation to your practice this week. Our volunteers need time to prepare and wrap the baskets.

Raffle tickets and money can be retuned at the Christmas party (December 10th).

Thank you so much for your time and efforts supporting our skaters and our clubs.

HSSC & GHSSC Christmas Party
Sunday December 10th @ 1pm
Sherman Arena (upstairs)

All skaters and their families are welcome ! Lunch will be served, games provided for the kids and of course, this is a great chance to get to know your fellow skating families. It’s a fun day.

A group meal has been created under PerfectPotluck.com by clicking here.
Sign up to contribute something tasty to our festive feast.

Any questions, please contact Karen at salvucci@cogeco.ca

Don’t forget about our festive mini-meet after our festive feast !

Open Free Skate

After our Christmas Party and mini meet, join us for our open free skate to celebrate #Canada150!


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Results from Regional and Provincial Meets

Congratulations to all of our skaters that have participated in skating meets, so far this year! Attached is a list of protocols from the various meets. Well done, everyone!

Provincial Meets


Regional Meets



Otawa protocol


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Upcoming Provincial Meets








If you are interested in participating in any of the upcoming Provincial competitions, please :
a) send me an e-mail indicating your intent to participate (hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com)
b) download, print and complete the registration form(s)
c) bring your completed registration form(s) and payment (cash or cheque) to your next practice

Provincial Series # 1: CAMBRIDGE : November 4th & 5th
E-mail intent to register no later than Tuesday October 24th @ 5:00 p.m



Provincial Series # 2 : CLARINGTON : November 24th & 25th
E-mail intent to register no later than Tuesday November 14th @ 5:00 p.m.



Have fun and skate fast!

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Upcoming Regional Meets






If you wish to participate in either of these Regional Series meets, please :
a) send me an e-mail stating your intent to participate (hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com)
b) print and complete your registration forms
c) bring forms and payment (cash or cheque) to your next practice

Brampton : Saturday October 28th : Central Regional # 1
Please e-mail intent no later than 5 p.m on Tuesday October 17th.



Oakville : Sunday November 12th : Western Regional # 1
Please e-mail intent no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday October 31st



Have fun and skate fast!

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For New Skaters…and Reminders for Returning Skaters.

A few reminders for new skaters joining the club….(and reminders for returning skaters)

Required Safety Equipment:

  • Speed skates (owned, or rented from club)
  • Neck guard (bib style)
  • Knee pads (volleyball)
  • Shin guards (soccer)
  • Hard shelled helmet (at practice – helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified or CSA approved (hockey, snowboard/ski skateboarding helmets only).For all other competitions and activities, helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified.
  • Cut resistent gloves (cut proof kevlar or leather)
  • towel to dry your skates
  • Skate guards and soft skate covers

Although it’s currently warm outside, remember you will be on the ice surface, so please dress appropriately. Wear warm clothing and no bare skin (t-shirts) is allowed to be showing.

If you don’t have your skates yet, you will be able to get fitted at your first practice. Please come a few minutes early, to get it coordinated. Skates are rented (make cheque payable to DTS) for the duration of your skating sessions.

Care for your Skates:

Your short track skates are rented from the club, and as such, require proper care. Please follow the instructions below:

DO NOT GET YOUR SKATES SHARPENED OUTSIDE OF THE CLUB – due to the type of blade on speed skates, regular skate sharpening (like hockey skates) can not be done. It will ruin the blade. If you blades seem dull, please see Mike Murray and he will sharpen the skates for you. This should be done at least once a month – but ONLY Mike Murray can sharpen the skates.

Skates must be wiped dry, with a towel,  after every use. They need to be stored with a soft skate cover (old sock, etc) – DO NOT KEEP SKATE GUARDS ON YOUR SKATES, WHEN NOT IN USE – THEY WILL RUST THE BLADE. Skate guards are only to be used when the skater is walking on their skates (from change room to ice surface and back again)

Helping with Board Pads

For the safety of our skaters, crash pads are placed along the boards at the beginning of each session and removed at the end of each session. So as to make the most of our ice time, parents are expected to help with the set up and removal of board pads.

Parent Meeting

We will be holding a parent meeting within the next couple of weeks to address any other questions you may have. In them meantime, we have lots of experienced skaters/parents with the club and please feel free to ask us any questions. We are here to help!

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Welcome to the Start of Speed Skating Season!

Before the start of the 2017-18 skating season, we ask that you take the time to review the items below.
1. Ensure registration of skater(s) and parent/guardian with Speed Skating Canada
2. Registration Payment Reminders
3. Season Start Dates


We need each skater to register with Speed Skating Canada online.
All skaters and one parent from each family must register with Speed Skating Canada for insurance coverage.
1. Please register your skater, probably as “competitive”, so that, if they decided to participate in a meet (like our Family Day meet), they will be covered.
2. Parents register as “Associate Members”.

Here are the instructions …

Speed Skating Canada has created a new database for the registration of all skaters. In past seasons, club registrars had to load each skater into the previous SSC database in order to report on numbers and secure insurance for the club.

In the new system, skaters will register themselves. The process is easy (and all fees have already been paid). It is important, however, for each family to follow the steps below in order for the club to be properly covered in case of accident.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to the following link: https://mms.speedskating.ca/Home
2. Click “Join” along the top banner.
3. Select “Join Programs”
4. Select “Ontario” and “Hamilton Speed Skating Club” OR “Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating” from the drop down menus.
5. Select the “Program” that fits. Most of you will be “Competitive Skater”.
6. Since this is your first time in the system, you will be asked to create an account.
7. Once an account has been created, you will be directed back to finish the program registration.

Please remember that there is no cost attached to this process, but it does ensure that all our Club has the proper insurance coverage for the season.


Did you intend to e-transfer payment for skate rental or season registration?
Please ensure you have remembered to submit payment for this season’s skating.
Skate Rental (Coach Mike Murray) dts@d-t-s.ca
Skating Fees : hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com

Skaters who have yet to complete their season registration can find registration forms posted on the website.
Please print, complete and bring the forms with you to your first practice.
Payment can be made in cash, cheque (Hamilton Speed Skating Club OR Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club) or e-transfer.


First Sunday : Sunday September 24th (Sherman Arena) Learn to Speed Skate and Regular Session 3:45 – 4:45pm Advanced Session 4:45-6pm

First Tuesday : Tuesday September 26th (Sherman Arena) 5PM-6PM Regular Session

First Thursday : Thursday October 5th (Chedoke Arena) 4:30 – 5:25pm Learn to Speed Skate and Regular Sessions and Advanced Session is 5:30-6:25pm

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Annual Registration BBQ and Skating Fitting Day

Thanks to everyone involved in making our registration & skating fitting BBQ, such a success. It was wonderful meeting new families and catching up with familiar ones. Special thanks to the Murray’s for hosting! Looking forward to a great season ahead!

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Club Calendar 2017/18

Attached is the link to this year’s club calendar. It includes upcoming skating meets, club events (Christmas Party, AGM etc) and dates where skating will be cancelled due to holidays. Be sure to mark your calendars! 2017-2018 schedule updated

For future reference a permanent link to the calendar is located at the top of this page. 

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Registration Forms, Dates/Times and Fees

Please find attached the 2017/2018 Registration forms for the upcoming skating season. Dates, times, locations and fees are all outlined on registration form. Please bring completed registration form and fees to your first skating session or email them to hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com. E-transfers are accepted for fee payments as well. You will be fitted for skate rentals, at your first skating session. Any questions, please email Will or Amy at hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com. Thanks!

Registration 2017-18FORM

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