Activities and Coaching

The Hamilton Speed Skating Club is active from mid-September to late March each year. The Club provides coaching and instruction to two groups based on age and ability, typically consisting of children aged 5 to 10, youths aged 11 to 15, and advanced teenagers and adults. Activities involve a mix of skills development for general well rounded skating technique and racing training to prepare participants for race meets.

The head NCCP coach is Mike Murray who resides in Dundas; he is a National Level Coach and a former National Team Member who has been involved in coaching several Olympians. Mike is supplemented by several other volunteer coaches.

Our Coaches:

  • Mike Murray (CAC Certified)
  • MC Kos (CAC Certified)
  • Joel McIntosh (CAC Trained)
  • Jack Sorbara (CAC Trained)
  • Kelly Gaessler (CAC Trained)
  • Laura Hurley (CAC Trained)
  • Mitchelle Kos