Club History

The Dofasco Hamilton Speed Skating Club began in October 2004 as a non-profit and volunteer-run organization as the only speed skating club in the Greater Hamilton area.  The Club was officially incorporated as a Not for Profit corporation in October 2006.  In July of 2008 we officially changed our name to Hamilton Speed Skating Club (HSSC).

In 2012, in order to acquire more ice time and to accommodate more skaters, the Hamilton Speed Skating Club split into two separate clubs – the HSSC and the Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club. As such, the HSSC is now open to youth under the age of 17, and who live in Hamilton. If you are an older skater, live in the Golden Horseshoe area, or the HSSC times to do suit you, please feel free to contact our affiliated club, the Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club.