Upcoming Reminders

Tuesday January 23 – Parent Meeting
We are hoping to have a Parent Meeting during and Tuesday afternoon’s practice.

First , we need HELP from parents (2nd season and older skaters) organizing a membership drive to recruit club membership. We need marketing ideas and a team to execute a plan that will attract members and grow our clubs. Think about what skills, what connections, what strategies you have that would help us grow our membership.

This being an Olympic year is an excellent time to generate interest in our clubs , but we need help.

Our Board members and coaching staff are willing to help with the plan, but we need YOUR help generating and organizing and executing this plan.

Please plan on attending this meeting on Sunday shortly after the first hour skaters get onto the ice. We will meet in the lobby area directly outside the arena doors.

Speed Skating Meet – Family Day Feb. 19th 2018 Mainway Arena

Second, our Club (Hamilton-Golden Horseshoe) hosts its annual, regional skating competition on Family Day (Monday February 19th) in Burlington at Mainway Arena. The success of this meet is dependent on the contribution of our members in volunteer roles. Mike will be assigning parents to specific roles. Other than our first year parents / skaters, each of our members is asked to contribute in a volunteer role to support the success of this meet. More details to follow.

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