For New Skaters…and Reminders for Returning Skaters.

A few reminders for new skaters joining the club….(and reminders for returning skaters)

Required Safety Equipment:

  • Speed skates (owned, or rented from club)
  • Neck guard (bib style)
  • Knee pads (volleyball)
  • Shin guards (soccer)
  • Hard shelled helmet (at practice – helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified or CSA approved (hockey, snowboard/ski skateboarding helmets only).For all other competitions and activities, helmets must be ASTM F 1849 certified.
  • Cut resistent gloves (cut proof kevlar or leather)
  • towel to dry your skates
  • Skate guards and soft skate covers

Although it’s currently warm outside, remember you will be on the ice surface, so please dress appropriately. Wear warm clothing and no bare skin (t-shirts) is allowed to be showing.

If you don’t have your skates yet, you will be able to get fitted at your first practice. Please come a few minutes early, to get it coordinated. Skates are rented (make cheque payable to DTS) for the duration of your skating sessions.

Care for your Skates:

Your short track skates are rented from the club, and as such, require proper care. Please follow the instructions below:

DO NOT GET YOUR SKATES SHARPENED OUTSIDE OF THE CLUB – due to the type of blade on speed skates, regular skate sharpening (like hockey skates) can not be done. It will ruin the blade. If you blades seem dull, please see Mike Murray and he will sharpen the skates for you. This should be done at least once a month – but ONLY Mike Murray can sharpen the skates.

Skates must be wiped dry, with a towel,  after every use. They need to be stored with a soft skate cover (old sock, etc) – DO NOT KEEP SKATE GUARDS ON YOUR SKATES, WHEN NOT IN USE – THEY WILL RUST THE BLADE. Skate guards are only to be used when the skater is walking on their skates (from change room to ice surface and back again)

Helping with Board Pads

For the safety of our skaters, crash pads are placed along the boards at the beginning of each session and removed at the end of each session. So as to make the most of our ice time, parents are expected to help with the set up and removal of board pads.

Parent Meeting

We will be holding a parent meeting within the next couple of weeks to address any other questions you may have. In them meantime, we have lots of experienced skaters/parents with the club and please feel free to ask us any questions. We are here to help!

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