Congratulations on a Successful National Skating Day!

The HSSC and GHSSC would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in a successful National Skating Day. We appreciate the help of all those volunteers that made it a great day – and a special thanks goes out to Speed Skating Canada, Government of Canada and Partipaction 150 Playlist for their financial support – we could not have done this without you! Finally, thank-you to our new skaters that showed up to try out the sport – we hope to see you next year!


dsc07307 dsc07333 dsc07343 dsc07367 dsc07373 dsc07390 dsc07406 dsc07417 dsc07443 dsc07450 dsc07480 dsc07482 dsc07485 dsc07497 dsc07501 dsc07514 dsc07517 dsc07525 dsc07538 dsc07542 dsc07543 dsc07549 dsc07551 dsc07553 dsc07559 dsc07561 dsc07562 dsc07583 dsc07591 dsc07643 dsc07660 dsc07661 dsc07672 dsc07721 dsc07726 dsc07777 dsc07809 dsc07818 dsc07821 dsc07836 dsc07838 dsc07839 dsc07847 dsc07859

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